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Instructor Bios
Mandy Ziegelmann, CYT, Reiki Master, Studio Owner

I fell in love with Yoga in my late 20's when I took a class at the local YMCA. I was immediately inspired, not just by the physical practice, but the mental and spiritual practice as well. It was comforting to know that I was in an environment that was safe, without judgment or competition.Yoga has taught me how to let go and to feel comfortable in my own skin.

My hope is to try to bring that same experience to my students by helping them to understand that yoga is a personal journey. When we practice yoga it does not just end when we step off our mats, we can take our yoga and apply it into our everyday lives. My promise to my students is to continue my education through asana practice, philosophy, history, and workshops.

I have had many people who have inspired me throughout my journey; Micheline Berry, Shiva Rea, Sadie Nardini, Sean Corne, Sierra Bender, Jeff Migdow, MD, Schuyler Grant. I am grateful for every teacher who has ever guided me through a yoga class, I have learned something from each and every one. Mostly, I am in awe of my children, family, and friends who are my true mentors and guides. I am forever a student of this ancient practice called Yoga.


Cindy Stevens

I've searched in many places over the past 30 years for self-actualization and discovered the answer through Ashtanga Yoga. The eight limbs are a living guide to self-understanding and relating to others. The transformation of a committed practice is beyond description. While it is written in the bible that "there is nothing new under the sun", the ancient practice of yoga is constant renewal. I am honored to be an instructor for the Victor Yoga Studio and dedicated to practicing yoga with others. My eclectic approach combines the Yin with the Yang; alignment with flow; gentle stretching with power core. When my son Jacob recently joked, "Mom, 30 years from now we won't be able to find you because you'll be on top of some mountain doing yoga", I realized that the future is now and I am on that mountain practicing yoga with amazing people at Victor Yoga Studio.

Eve Buckley LMT, RYT

EveThe functionality of the human body has always amazed me. To think that we propel ourselves through life by such a complex, yet at the same time such a simple musculoskeletal system is astounding. My career as a licensed massage therapist makes me appreciate all the benefits of yoga even more so. I've found that keeping up my yoga practice has aided me tremendously in my field. I am more in tune with myself to know my own limitations and when to push ahead. I have been a student of yoga for most of my adult life.

I have tried many different styles throughout the years before finally finding the right fit for me. The allure of capturing that moment during final relaxation where the mind is quiet and open to all things possible brings me back to the mat time after time. I love that you bring yourself to the present moment continually during your practice. It has helped me focus on what is important in life and given me the ability to center myself. When the opportunity presented itself to learn how to lead a class safely through asanas with yogafit, I gladly accepted. I look forward to continuing my yogic journey both teaching and learning. I enjoy teaching a more laid back, gentle class that will focus on restoring mind and body. I look forward to seeing you! Namaste.


Beth Converse, RYT

Yoga has called Beth's name since she stepped on the mat 12 years ago. She attended a yoga class for college credit at Monroe Community College, it was there she was awestruck. Beth connected immediately with the practice. Yoga has so much to offer the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She continued her practice at the RAC and The YMCA. Beth became completely hooked (practicing 5 or more times per week) with the Asana when she joined Midtown Athletic Club. Midtown's yoga program is where her yoga spark turned into a yoga flame. The practice is all about the connection and feeling. Rochester is such a blessed community to have established experts on the mat.

Beth is a 2012 graduate of the Midtown Immersion/Teacher training program. This program is a 200 hour based course recognized by the National Yoga Alliance, she is also certified by the National Yoga Alliance. Beth has learned from great instructors including Aimee Senise Bohn, Randi Moss Lattimore, Karyn Pelton Lederman, Stephanie Jablonski Campanelli, Laura Zabkar, Suzanne Dianetti, and Susan Smelt. These instructors have shaped the yoga community with knowledge, beauty, grace, skill, form and many years of combined experience. Beth's passion for yoga drove her desire to teach. She wants to spread positivity, skill, belonging, and healing that yoga has to offer to students of all levels. Yoga is in all that we do, on and off the mat.


Jeannette Maloy

JeanetteYoga found me about 10 years ago, in my living room, following along to a DVD of a woman leading asanas on a mountain top. After about two weeks of awkward attempts to pose and bend and flow I had a moment, about half way through the video, when I finally let go and fell in love. Since then I have practiced Yoga in many places with many groups of people and I will always do so. Yoga allows us to nurture our bodies in ways that honor its ability to be strong, yet graceful. It helps our minds to rest and our spirits to connect with others and with our universe. I have also been a student of Reiki (energy therapy) for the past 6 years and this has given me an even deeper appreciation for the power positive thinking has over our bodies and our souls. I bring that special vitality to Yoga and know that if we practice together we will be uplifted!

Together with my sister, I have created a partnership called Live Desiderata, LLC (visit us on FaceBook). Desiderata translates to; "the things you desire." Through Live Desiderata, LLC we help others to be agents of change in their own lives, even as we do the same for ourselves. Yoga can absolutely be a step on the journey to your own personal wellness and to your ability to...live the things you desire!


Jill Samson

Jill is very passionate about teaching Pilates and yoga. Her focus is on educating people about their bodies. She teaches with compassion and with intellect. She brings a smile and positive energy to every session.

Jill went through comprehensive Pilates training with Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Pilates. As a part of this training, Jill learned how to teach Pilates on the mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. This training involved a combination of lecture hours, anatomy and postural analysis work, practice teaching, and observation. Jill loves teaching yoga as well and believes in the healing quality of the mind over the body. Her training with Baron Baptiste inspired her to help people to realize there full potential. Jill was born and raised in Rochester where she lives with her husband and her 2 children. Bringing 15 years experience as a practitioner, 11 as a trainer, Jill is passionate about continual growth as a trainer.





The first time I meditated was at a Lifestream Workshop here in Rochester not many years ago. The Lifestream Workshop was for personal growth. I was ready to make some changes. I had lived in a constant state of anxiety, but didn’t even know it because it was all I knew. After meditating for the first time, I felt tension and anxiety being released and a sense of peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time. At that point I knew I wanted more. I began meditating regularly. My thinking was calmer and clearer. I began my day with more energy and joy increasingly free of worrisome thoughts.

After a short amount of time, I began to write meditations. I also immersed myself in books, audios, workshops and seminars on the topics of presence, mindfulness, creativity, healing and other personal growth practices to help create a more peaceful, joyful and love filled life. Much of this work inspired and influenced me in writing the guided meditations. I began sharing my meditations with others and got a very positive response from people.

I had been teaching children for almost 20 years and now for the past several years I have enjoyed teaching and facilitating meditation and personal growth sessions and workshops for various groups. Watching the peace and healing that it brings to each individual is extremely rewarding. My goal is to help
others live a more peaceful and joyful life in spite of any circumstance.

Cindy Edington

Cindy Edington - Certified life coach and licensed “tolerations” facilitator, registered yoga teacher (RYT), and is currently studying to be a certified yoga therapist (CYT).

Cindy has been coaching and teaching yoga for greater than 14 years. Her class styles include power vinyasa, mixed flow, gentle (yin style), beginner and restorative. Cindy’s current yoga journey and new business Tranquil Heart Wellness, LLC is a wellness approach that combines restorative yoga principles and life coaching together – “restorative relaxation therapy”.

This approach is for anyone and everyone who has high levels of stress in their life. Whether your stress is work related, a physical ailment, or grieving a loss, restorative relaxation provides a gentle path to a more peaceful life. Your journey to calm begins here.


RELAX with restorative, therapeutic yoga.
REFLECT in mindful, guided meditation & personal coaching.
RESTORE balance in your heart and your life.

Trish Wager, RYT, Certified Holistic Health Coach

I fell in love with Yoga immediately. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Yoga was my new haven, my new heaven. It was a place where I could just be me. No judgments. No pressure. No expectations. Just me and my mat.

Stepping into a Yoga studio was like stepping into a different world. The warmth, the smells, the people, the music… I loved it all.

Every day my yoga is different. Some days it feels like a dance; it’s fluid and beautiful. Some days I feel like a kid on a playground; I’m trying new things I’ve never done before. Other days, I feel like the clumsy me; I fall, I laugh, I get back up. No judgment. Yoga has helps me be more accepting of myself. It helps me be who I want to be, on my mat and off my mat.

My love for yoga, what it’s done for me, and my love for helping others, led me to become a yoga teacher. As a teacher my goal is to provide a space that’s welcoming, loving, safe & supportive and judgment-free. A warm place where you can just be you.

I have trained locally at Breathe Yoga and Midtown Athletic Club, completing a 200-hour training at each studio, and am registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). I am also a Holistic Health coach, where I support women in being healthy in all aspects of their lives. My company is Shining Soul and you can check it out here.. www.yourshiningsoul.com. It's where my love to help others continues.

I hope to see you on your mat. Be kind & gentle to yourself. The light in me, sees and honors the light in you.


Lindsey Wood

Lindsey has always been drawn to yoga. She first began practicing in 2007, and instantly fell in love. Since stepping on a yoga mat for the first time, she knew her calling was to teach it. Through her teaching, she aspires to bring the same sense of peace and joy to her students that she has experienced.

Lindsey received a degree in Marketing and shortly thereafter, pursued Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Works graduating as a 200-hour RYT. Her training has taught her that yoga is a science. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation and philosophy to help those who practice it arrive at a state of “ok-ness” which leads to inner freedom.




Erin Whiting, Reiki Master

"After my first Reiki treatment I quickly dove into the study of Reiki, energy work and even psychology. As a person who had struggled with reading, and school in general, I was surprised at the ease and focus that I had when it came to this topic.  Its amazing how easy things become when you tap into your desires and strengths. I see myself as a natural at connecting with people. There is no disguise to hide behind; the person I show to the world is real – the good, bad and the ugly.  It’s a characteristic that I always wanted to change when I was growing up.  It’s easier to have a false self that you can show to the public, like an armor to protect your real emotions.  It turns out that this weakness, as I saw it, was actually a benefit when helping people with their emotions. When you can be real with someone it gives him or her permission to do the same.  People instantly trust me because I am always genuine in my interactions with everyone I meet.  I can’t sugar coat it or pretend to be something I’m not, so everyone knows where they stand.  Throughout my training I have learned to free myself from judgment of others and myself.  We are all unique beings having experiences of our choice.  I am  here to help the real you come through." ~ Erin

Erin is the owner of Soleil Wellness, a company specializing in Reiki treatments, Reiki classes, atunements, and essential oils. Reiki literally translated from Japanese, means, "spiritually-guided life force energy". It is a form of energy healing. Soleil Wellness also offers a weekly forum called Spirit Lift at the Studio on Sunday evenings at 5pm.

Amy Colburn, Reiki Master

"My experience with Reiki began when Erin Whiting was first establishing her company, Soleil Wellness, and she asked me to create a logo for her (I also have had the experience of being a professional artist for the past 20+ years). She said that she was drawn to me 'for a reason', and she offered me a Reiki treatment. I was intrigued by her remarks, but at the same time had no idea what a profound impact that session, and more that followed, would have on my life. Reiki helped me break down long-standing belief systems that no longer served me well. I recieved atunements in all three levels of Reiki and reached Reiki Master level all with Erin's guidance. I now offer Reiki treatments in the Soleil Wellness studio, and work along side Erin to develop ways to help people through workshops, classes and other offerings.

Reiki is the art of energy healing in the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki helps me to be both grounded and have a broad sense of connectedness with all people. It also has enhanced my intuition, allowing me to trust my own instincts. Both art and Reiki share the capacity to invoke positive emotions in my core being. It is my intention to create joyful life experiences, and then expand that positive energy to others. I love to see people empowered by the realization that they are a beautiful, perfect spirit choosing their very own unique human experience." ~Amy

Amy is a practitioner with Soleil Wellness, a company specializing in Reiki treatments, Reiki classes, atunements, and essential oils. Reiki literally translated from Japanese, means, "spiritually-guided life force energy". It is a form of energy healing. Soleil Wellness also offers a weekly forum called Spirit Lift at the Studio on Sunday evenings at 5pm.



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